Municipal Testing Lab of FL. Inc. 
"You don't get what you expect, You get what you inspect."
*  ACI & CTQP Qualified Construction 
*  Inspection of form work
*  Air content determination 
*  Slump Test
*  Unit Weight & Yield tests
*  Cylinders, Beams, & Cubes made 
    and tested for compressive and flexural 
*  Measurement of temperature.
*  Inspection of concrete placement
*  Core Drilling

*  FDOT & FAA Qualified Inspectors
*  Subgrade Inspection
*  Placement Inspection
*  Density Testing
*  Core Drilling
*  Plant Inspection
*  Field Inspection & Testing
*  Laboratory Inspection & Testing
*  Bulk & Specific Gravity
*  Flow & Stability
*  Permeability
*  Gradation 
*  Density Testing
*  Proctors
*  Controlled fill supervision
*  Soil cement inspection & testing
*  Percolation test
*  Moisture content
*  Field CBR testing
*  Visual soil classification
*  Supervision of pile installation
*  Liquid Limit & Plastic Limit
*  Grain Size Analysis
*  Specific Gravity
*  Direct Shear
*  Soil Borings
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Look below for video demonstrations on some of the tests that we can provide.
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