Jeremy Mitchell--
  QC Manager / Project Manager 
  Field & Lab Supervisor / RSO
  Office & Marketing Manager

 Ay Vic Libo-on--Lab Manager
 Luis Guerra--Technician

Municipal Testing Lab of FL. Inc. was incorporated on July 21st 1998 to provide construction inspection and testing services to owners, architects, engineers, public agencies, construction managers and contractors.  These services are provided at the job site, material supplier's plant, or in our lab.

With offices in Miami, Hauppauge, NY, Queens, and affiliates in Virginia and Grand Cayman our service region includes the entire east coast and the Caribbean region.
About Municipal Testing Lab of FL. Inc.
"You don't get what you expect, You get what you Inspect."
7520 NW 82nd St. Miami, FL 33166
305-884-3069--Office   305-884-5085--Fax
The types of projects served include:

*  Highways              *  Educational Facilities        

*  Airport Projects    *  Hospital Projects

*  Bridges                  *  Harbor Fields

*  Rairoad Construction 

*  Water & Sewage Treatment Plants

*  Pipelines

Municipal Testings Employee Certifications
 ACI:                             CTQP:
 Concrete Field 1  FDOT Concrete Field
 Concrete Lab 1 & 2            Concrete Lab
 Concrete Strength         Earthwork 1&2
 Agg. Testing           Asphalt Mix Design
 Agg. Base                             QC Manager
​ Agg. Tech. 1 & 2           Drill Shaft Tech.
                                                    Agg. Tech.
                                     Qualified Sampler
                                 Asphalt Paving 1 & 2
                                    Asphalt Plant 1 & 2
                                         Agg. Tech. 1 & 2
                                                    LBR Tech.
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Take a look below at some of the tests we can provide.
Did you install a new pool and the concrete just doesn't look right?  Is your garage floor cracking?  Did the contractor you hired not perform up to the contract?  Do you know if they did or didn't?  We can help!  We will come and find the right solution to fix your problem or to identify the culpruit to your specific problem and recommend the appropriate mediation to solve the issue at hand.